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Community Service & Volunteering Projects

Our Commitment to Community Service

Tweet World Travel recognises the desperate need for urgent support in under-developed and poverty stricken communities abroad who receive little or no government funding or support. We are dedicated and committed to support and contribute to improving the lives of the disadvantaged communities via community service and volunteering activities.

Since 2013, through our School Community Project programs, we have successfully completed many School and Kindergarten renovations in Vietnam, whilst working alongside many of the ethnic minorities in Vietnam’s Northern Highlands and the underprivileged people of the Mekong Delta.


Objective of the School Community Project programs

The aim of our community service projects are to provide students with the opportunity to engage with these communities and to make useful contributions to society through service and social action. These projects allow schools to make a difference in protecting human health, safeguarding the natural environment and maintaining social justice, while allowing the children to develop a deeper understanding of the global issues while gaining new skills and memorable experiences.


Get Involved: School Group Tours and Mission Trips

With our South-East Asia school tours, we collaborate with schools in Australia by providing itineraries such as social justice, humanities, religion, language, history, culture, leadership and outdoor education which support responsible tourism including community service projects. 

 Building project by Students

Our company has the essential networks and sufficient resources to provide a suitable placement based on your schools’ specific requirements. We will assist schools directly with managing contact with your chosen organisation or charity in order to build a successful partnership for your project.

These activities provide students with a deeper understanding, allowing them to witness first-hand the human face of poverty and individual hardship rarely witnessed at home, as well as the life-changing opportunity to make a difference to the lives of these communities.

All of our professional school group experts and local tour guides are highly trained and experienced, with safety being their number one priority.

Note: At Tweet World Travel, we do not limit our support to the common or more predominant organisation that already received a substantial backing, but advocate for a diverse range of charities which all desperately need your support. All of the organisations and charities that we endorse are well managed, financially transparent, and work in close partnership with local people.


Community Service Projects in South-East Asia

There are many ways in which your school can engage in community development and support activities, which all supplement the work of the Government. These cover many sectors including:

• Caring for children (orphanages, day centres & schools)
• Educational support (stationary and school equipment) 
• Community centres (providing care and assistance)
• Agricultural development (help with farming and maintaining sustainable practices)
• Vocational training (teaching English to the locals etc.)
• Infrastructure projects (building)
• Support for vulnerable people (women, children and the disabled)
• Health and hygiene (pass on knowledge & provide basic necessities)
• Environmental & biodiversity protection & education (maintaining eco-systems and human health)

We will tailor all community service and volunteering activities to cater for what assistance your school is able to provide. Your activities will mainly be dependent on the amount of funds your school is able to raise. Your school can also participate in volunteering activities which provide students with the opportunity to give gifts and assist in taking care of those people in need. These activities include:

• Visiting humanity centres
• Orphanages
• Children’s hospitals 
• Disability rehabilitation centres
• Social protection centres
• Disadvantaged villages and communities

List of Participating organisations for Community Service in Vietnam

List of Participating Organizations for Community Service in Cambodia

List of Participating Organisations for Community Service in Laos

Benefits of School Community Service Programs

Different types of community service will undoubtedly impact students in many ways:

• Leadership
• Experience through active participation
• Understanding
• Providing assistance
• Self-appreciation / Pride
• Inspiration
• Growth
• Encouragement
• The feeling of “making a difference”
• Develop a sense of belonging & connectedness
• Develop potential
• Develop community spirit & working together

Personal Development

• Raised civic concerns and social awareness
• Finding their identity and role in society
• Learn about themselves
• The feeling of “making a difference”
• Such activities encourage civic-mindedness in young people
• Students have the opportunity to discover aspect of themselves they were not conscious of
• Stimulates students to see new relationships between themselves and society
• See how they, as individuals will fit into the community and how they will be active participants in that community
• Understand how their time and efforts make a difference
• Reflecting on experiences gives students an opportunity to grow, learn, understand & experience more fully
• Engaging in a cause they can believe in

Future Outcomes

• More likely to be politically active (vote) and community orientated as adults
• Continue to find and support causes and organizations that they believe in
• The opportunity to engage in adult society through community action
• Less likely to engage in negative social behaviours
• Often perform better academically
• Increases community awareness
• Usually leads to further civic engagement and community involvement
• Encourages one to feel proud of what they have done and in doing so encourages further action


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